Pre-designed eco-friendly sport facility

The ECO-Sport Facility is a novel design, which accomplishes the re-engineering of the typical basketball court architecture in Puerto Rico into a sustainable building. The concept was based on the firm’s own philosophy by conceiving ‘Architecture as an Adapted Product’ which permits the project architects to improve the structure environmental output within cost-efficiency parameters from early stages of the design development.

The basketball court was conceived to be the next step of evolution for this typology. A combination of sustainable system components in relationship with a passive design strategy achieves net-zero power use and low cost maintenance. Furthermore, all material selection was made considering local availability, easy construction methods and cost-efficiency. The budget required for the development of the proposed basketball court was not radically different from the current cost of the paradigmatic but inefficient design. 

In Puerto Rico, such as so many other countries in Latin America, government fosters the construction and inclusion of this type of sport facilities as a social project. Ramirez-Gonzalez Studio proposal takes advantage of this trend in order to present an architecture initiative with a relevant environmental impact on society. Moreover, the firm’s design accomplishes the stringent codes and regulations for Puerto Rico seismic zone and weather and atmospheric conditions.

Ramirez-Gonzalez Studio is aware of the potential of this kind of project proposal. This basketball court architecture could become the next paradigm of such typology design for the Caribbean and Latin America. In fact, the concept groups all environmental adaptability features of such regions within the current budget boundaries.

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